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replica-versace-sunglassesreplica versace sunglasses is in line with the existing system of worker endowment insurance can be directly. If impossible for reform to benefit all people, all the residents, should bear the cost, without exception, especially can not only make relatively vulnerable groups bear the pain of reform. Market economic reform three decades, versace sunglasses contriBuy versace sunglassesed a great deal farmers, benefit little; Workers of the state-owned enterprise, the hardships of unemployment of come off sentry duty; Migrant workers, to bear the great physical and mental pain and stress. Only the organs and institutions, or planned economy that an iron rice bowl, the iron rice bowl, is made of the sacrifice of the whole society to maintain. Arguably, the agencies and institutions, versace sunglasses replica are consciously obey the overall situation, it is to enter the necessary quality of unit work, because even if add endowment insurance, their own interests some losses, Buy versace sunglasses part of the loss, perhaps was not to which they are, they will be happy to accept, will withstand the test of. Endowment insurance, Fake versace sunglasses is not considered one of the original wages and benefits, under normal circumstances, the original high wages, retirement treatment should also be high, it is also the money around the world. replica versace sunglasses For civil servants and business unit personnel, this is their main concerns. This now needs to reform of wage system, some reasonable benefits included in basic salary, so they pay wages, and pensions will improve in the future. Fake versace sunglasses Civil servants and business unit personnel, don’t pay endowment fee, is a kind of privilege, because they don’t pay, can also receive pension in the future. The farmers don’t pay, then there is no pension can be brought. In any case, privilege should not exist. Farmers endowment fee, replica versace sunglasses is a problem with Buy Replica versace sunglassess For characteristics, the mainstream opinion now is in the eastern developed regions, give priority to with individual pays fee, the central region, the individual part of the fee, government subsidies, In the western region, the government subsidy is versace sunglasses replica given priority to, people can not pay. The plan, plausible.

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cheap-mens-versace-sunglassescheap versace sunglasses can be to a certain extent, versace mens sunglasses can fill holes caused by replacement rate is low. At the same time, governments at various levels to reduce the transactional general spending, subsidies take out 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan a year, it is possible that the fragmented system, versace sunglasses men can only rely on financial support, to ride out the storm. Delay retirement, and improve the pension age for the first time, is also a way. versace sunglasses in the 1950 s, it specifies the male worker is retired at age 60, female cadres 55, the system of the female worker is retired at age 50, when the average life expectancy is only 50 years old. Today,┬áversace sunglasses life expectancy greater than 70 years old, more than Europe. The United States, France, Germany, New York retirement age in the 65 s, delay retirement is possible. Delay retirement, reduce the number of receiving retirement, shortens the time of pick up and increase the number of pay and the amount of fees, increase a decreases, versace mens sunglasses effect is very obvious. If you can increase the retirement age for five years, basic can alleviate the temporary difficulties of versace sunglasses endowment insurance. Buy cheap versace sunglasses that upset people has long been expected, the purpose of people to work, not the job itself, Buy cheap versace sunglasses to enjoy life, or leisure. Retirement is people own personal life, enjoy free time required. Retirement too late, the quality of life will decline, too old to retire, not to enjoy, only to die. The years of the Buy versace sunglasses cheap For working hours, far higher than the world average, working overtime is the norm, serious damage to the body. If retirement, no doubt, is a kind of torture. Americans work environment is not very desirable, a strong sense of hierarchy, excessive emphasis on obedience, the led colors, people had had enough, this is the cause of psychological resistance to delay retirement. The person of meat, another man’s poison. Some people don’t like, also someone like, versace sunglasses mens such as civil servants, the power is infatuation and afraid of losing, delay retirement, for officials to heavy is undoubtedly good news, can keep unchanged rights, honor,versace sunglasses it is best to never return.